Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay for the classes?

 We accept payments through Paypal.

What if I am late for my class or I need to change my schedule?

In case of classes delays or shifts, write an e-mail to ​info@easyitalian.it at least 24 hrs before the class. We can plan another schedule together.

Can I cancel or postpone a scheduled class?

Classes can be cancelled and rescheduled only by e-mail, at least 24 hrs before the class.

In case of cancellation, am I going to be refunded?

Unfortunately prepaid classes can’t be refunded. All the classes have to be given within 12 months since they are purchased. After 12 months all the remaining classes will be cancelled and not refunded.

What time can I schedule a class?

Time zone for scheduling classes is Italy (GMT +1).

Which is my italian language level?

You can take a free italian language test here

Can I choose the instructor?

The availability of the instructors depends on the schedule of the classes, so instructors will be assigned depending on their availability.

Can an instructor cancel a class?

Instructors can cancel classes, due to internet connection problems or illness. In this case the class will be rescheduled, according to the student availability.